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Education, Whole Hog Barbecue, & Fireside Talks

Barbecue has been lock and step in the formation of America from the time enslave Africans were brought to the areas pre and post United States.  As slave ownership spread across the South, so did the advancement of barbecue, as it traveled in the heads and hands of the enslaved.  America can be better understood through history via understanding agriculture and food systems. Let Dr. Conyers take his experience and knowledge of the South to help you understand, racism and social justice through food, agriculture, history, and capitalism.  For decades, food has been the beacon of peace for conversations around historically painful topics.  Weeping and discomfort may occur.  However, you will have gained a better understanding and respect of the plight of black people.  The story of how they invested in and loved a country that did not return the love equally- still today, is one that must be told.

Tap into a vast Engineering and History Knowledge

Dr. Howard Conyers can not only provide your event or conference with a unique culinary experience, but also a glimpse into the past. Many would say Conyers is a veritable traveling museum for Southern culture.  Howard grew up on the same soil labored by his slave and sharecropper ancestors, and this knowledge was further strengthened as Howard became an avid collector of the antiques used by his ancestors.  Thriving off the opened eyes and engagement that comes from sharing antebellum history, Howard's lectures are perfect for your students, family members and peers. Grounded by his profession as a rocket scientist, he profess a rare knack for training on advanced engineering techniques.  By morphing complex concepts and subjects to coherent and personable content, he is the perfect motivational speaker for most groups.  From conference, seminars, institution lectures and small groups, Dr. Conyers can transform the engagement of your audience. Click below to book today.

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