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A Poem From a Dear Friend

I am so flattered. My friend Jaton Wince sent me a poem recently about my barbecue.


Forefathers thoughts conveyed around billows of smoke;

Perfecting the open pit craft to delight the Palette with essences of Carolinas finest in the Big Easy.

Who am I, you say;

I am the manifestation of a dream to enlighten your taste buds with techniques inherited from days old.

Flavors of Conyers Nastolgia intrigues the intellect of cultural taste buds.

A delicacy of harmonic seasoning with the temperature of organic coals yield a texture of perfection.

Hours of crafted dedication only to enjoy your countenance after one bite devoured to appease the satisfaction of an appetite.

Conyers open pit culture is more than food it’s a tastebud adventure grown with traditions of Carolina in the Big Easy.


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